Alarm Raised Over Injectable Contraception

The findings from the 3,800 people have evoked different reactions over the continued use of the injectable method.

Face It, Condoms Are Here To Stay

In 2000, 36 million pieces were procured by the Government for national consumption. By 2007, condom usage had increased to 100 million pieces — and these are only the ones procured by Government, so add on the private condoms sold through shops and chemists that come in different colours, sizes and flavours.


I’ll Never Get Used To Death

Previously, I had given them some tough love and made it clear that if they wanted to be part of our organisation, they each must identify at least 15 bedridden clients who are living with HIV.

Hats Off To These Hardworking Men And Women In The Office

I have never seen Johnson lose his cool and he always happily goes about his work. He is always ready to do whatever is expected of him — pay bills, post letters, deliver mail and reports — you name it.

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